Greek Food Content

By GEORGIA IOANNOU – original content

greek-3It does not come as news that Greeks are extremely and fanatically proud of their heritage- therefore it isn’t a surprise how much they love their food- and the rest of the world agrees! The Greek culinary art dates back to 4000 years ago, with many of its recipes unchanged. Greek cuisine is greatly adored by many people, with its recipes passed down through countless generations, it truly is an excuse for families to come together and feast on every public holiday there is. Mediterranean food is a fairly healthy diet, with most dishes cooked in olive oil and many meats grilled on a sizzling barbecue.

Unlike the UK, where everyone shops in the mainstream supermarkets, where most vegetables are not even in season and aren’t exactly organic; Greeks mainly buy vegetables that are in season straight from farmers at the Agora (marketplace). Food is heavily seasoned with oregano, basil, bay leaves, coriander, saffron and dill, which always adds a tangy and earthy flavour to their dishes. Perhaps the most popular dish within the Greek cuisine is Moussaka: a casserole of stacked eggplant, potatoes and meat, topped with a creamy bechamel sauce.greek-2

Greek food has very strong relations to Turkish cuisine which explains the greeks love and expertise in kebabs (souvlakia) and of course baklava, a filo pastry filled with finely chopped nuts and drenched in a honey syrup. Lets not forget that hummus; pitta bread, olives and tzatziki (a creamy yoghurt marinated with heaps of garlic, cucumber and spices) are an absolute must have for a starter at any Greek dinner table. So if you are looking for a new cuisine you would want to try out, steer away from burgers and junk- these ancient Mediterranean dishes are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds leaving you coming back for more!

Young Caribbean entrepreneurs creating edible fashion

By KIMBERELY CHIKUMBA – copied content


Fashion PR Jade Jackman, who co-founded luxury cake service Eat Me Maybe, didn’t set out to become a baker – despite falling in love with her Bajan grandmother’s baking at an early age. Formerly of My Wardrobe and Harrods, Jackman’s current role with busy boutique agency Aisle 8 has seen her enlisted by some major fashion names – and now they are asking her to bake for them as well.

“We have received quite a few orders recently from companies including Burberry, Maybelline, L’Oreal and,” Jackman told us. “It’s always really exciting when a well-known brand approaches us, compliments our work and puts a request in. We made a large, three-tiered cake for L’Oreal to celebrate Colour Riche’s birthday, and that got us a lot of attention.”


Set up by Jackman and friend Andrea Gamble, who also works in fashion, Eat Me Maybe is still a part-time venture for both, who enjoy baking so much that it still doesn’t feel like work.

“Even though we both have to balance work with baking, and it means long days and late nights for both of us, it reminds us that it’s so important to start up a business with somebody you get on well with and can fun with,” Gamble said. “We enjoy the times we bake, even if it mean staying up until the early hours of the morning because we always have a laugh and a good chinwag.” From Burberry trenches to Michael Kors bags, and from Minions to babies dressed as animals, no request is too strange or too tricky. You just might have to get your order in quickly so the twosome can schedule a baking all-nighter.


“I love that I get to work with my best friend and create incredible bespoke cakes which can literally make somebody’s birthday or even wedding,” Jackman added. “Being a part of such a happy memory is very rewarding. The worst part of what we do is that we sometimes have to decline orders because we are so busy with work or have too many to make – we can’t really complain about that though!”

View more cakes on Instagram at @EatMeMaybe and email to order.


A Taste Of Ethiopia 
By EVAN TESFAYE – copied content
ethe-1Ethiopian cooking can be heavy on meat — but the east African country’s cuisine is also full of delicious and super-satisfying dishes that are perfect for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten and lactose-free eaters.
Ethiopian food is probably best known for the spongy sourdough flatbread called injera, which serves as the “spoon” for lentil, bean, meat, and vegetable sauces piled on top.etho-3
Part of what makes Ethiopian food perfect for so many diets is that there’s always a “fasting” (or animal-free) option: Many Ethiopians are Orthodox Christians and traditionally eat vegan on Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as other special days.
Ethiopia’s cuisine is very similar to the food of its neighbour and rival Eritrea (which until 1991 was part of Ethiopia).


A Hint Of Spice
Gujarati Food

The traditional food of India has been widely appreciated for its fabulous use of herbs and spices. Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes. The cooking style varies from region to region and is largely divided into South Indian & North Indian cuisine. India is quite famous for its diverse multi cuisine available in a large number of restaurants and hotel resorts, which is reminiscent of unity in diversity. The staple food in India includes wheat, rice and pulses with chana (Bengal Gram) being

Mughal Food

the most important one. In modern times Indian pallet has undergone a lot of change. In the last decade, as a result of globalisation, a lot of Indians have travelled to different parts of the world and vice versa there has been a massive influx of people of different nationalities in India. This has resulted in indentation of various international cuisines. Nowadays, in big metro cities one can find specialised food joints of international cuisineindian-3s.




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